Who Can Pray the Rosary?

The answer is simple: Anyone.

No matter your faith background, the rosary is about putting your hand in hand of the Blessed Mother, and allowing her to lead you to Christ, by meditating on His life, death, and resurrection.

Today, allow me to be a witness to you about the role and beauty of the Blessed Mother through the prayer of the most Holy Rosary.

In this busy world, it can be difficult to find time for prayer and reflection. With the rosary on your smartphone or listening device, know that the Blessed Mother is with you throughout your day whether in the car, at the gym or out for a morning run, or even in the simple quiet of your own home.

Download today the complete Rosary -- Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous and Glorious with Scripture readings.

The Rosary: complete with The Joyful Mysteries, The Sorrowful Mysteries, The Luminous Mysteries, The Glorious Mysteries

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When you download The Rosary or any of the Mysteries, 20% of the proceeds will go to support Comunità Cenacolo, and it's homes throughout the world, and receive as our thanks to you, a FREE handmade Rosary from the members of the Cenacolo community.


Listen before you download.

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